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FlipsideMediaET continues the love of music by bringing today’s mainstream & Indie albums, songs & video reviews to the listener. Providing artistic and industry recording engineering perspective and much . . much . .more . . from the Billboard Sizzling 100 in the track business documents chart in the USA and around the World for songs, albums & videos revealing weekly musical insights by means of Billboards, news, indie commentaries, RIAA, ASCAP, BMI and so much more! Chart ratings are in response to gross sales (bodily and virtual), radio play, and on-line streaming in the USA and abroad. #musiclovers.

  • The Monkees: The Untold Truth Of The TV Show
    the Monkees untold story
  • Elvis Costello – the Imposters – Magnificent Hurt (Official Video)
    Elvis Costello – the Imposters – Magnificent Hurt (Official Video) Elvis Costello “Magnificent Hurt” is a collage of sounds and the Elvis Costello brand that makes him so famous. The lyrics are stellar. It is nice to hear music not over productionalized. Thanks Elvis! Elvis Costello”s new video for the song “Magnificent Hurt,” is a […]
  • Norah Jones – Christmas Calling (Jolly Jones)
    Norah Jones – Christmas Calling (Jolly Jones) What can one say that hasn’t been mentioned in regards to the iconic voice of Norah Jones? It is a great little Christmas music with a refined R&B flare and engineered to carry out the most efficient in Norah Jones. In abstract, smiling kids and the enduring voice […]