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About FlipsideMediaET

FlipsideMediaET is a an American e-magazine that publishes world, national and local music news & events, music business, music culture, music genres including pop, jazz, classical, orchestra & symphonic, R&B, Blues, CMT Country Music, Contemporary Christian, techno, hip-hop, Indie artists and all things music and the arts.

FlipsideMediaET is focused on helping local businesses and communities by increased visibility from every community in the world to our own backyards.  The love of art both temporal & spacial is a passion and our lives.  It is our hearts desire to nurture the value of arts and the sense of community throughout the world.

Flipside Digital Media   was founded by  the president and owner David Moore with over 22 years information technology experience including Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Integration, Middleware Integration & Business Intelligence Architecture for government contracting and fortune 500 & 100 corporations such as United States Veterans Affairs, NSA, Tibco software, IBM, Microsoft and a veteran of the United States Navy Band, American Conservatory of Music in Chicago jazz guitar performance and Devry Institute of Technology Computer Information Systems.


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