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FlipsideMediaET proudly supports rock music through the generations from our local and national music concerts & events. Looking for your favorite classic rock, heavy metal, alternative and indie rock artist, band, albums, songs, videos and concerts, Flipside-Entertainment for #musiclovers loves music too.

  • 5 Years Ago: Guns N’ Roses’ Reunion Begins With a Club Show
    Hundreds of people snaked around the shuttered Tower Records building in West Hollywood on the afternoon of April 1, 2016. The date couldn’t have been more ironic. The people were all waiting in line in hopes of snagging a ticket to one of the biggest rock events of the century, one that had been teased countless times over the years […]
  • 17 Artists Who Recorded One-Man-Band Albums
    Making a memorable album along a gaggle of bandmates takes exhausting paintings, willpower, skill and a bit little bit of good fortune. Doing it totally on my own is even more difficult. Right through rock historical past, many musicians have attempted their hand at being a one-man-band, to various ranges of good fortune. Such an endeavor is rarer than you […]